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Warren Stortroen—100 Cheers for an Extraordinary Volunteer!

After a 40-year career spent working in an office, Warren Stortroen decided to give back and travel the world while doing so. Over the past 22 years, Warren has spent 1,089 days collecting critical environmental and archaeological data across 67 projects in nearly 30 countries around the world. This summer, he hit his 100th Earthwatch expedition!

UPDATED: Exploring the rocky shores of Scotland

Capturing Our Coast volunteer shortlisted for volunteer award

Since writing this blog, Hugh has been shortlisted in the Adult Newcomer category of the 2017 UK Awards for Biological Recording and Information Sharing.

In 2013, Hugh left his job as a doctor to pursue a different career path, and reaping the benefits of spending time outdoors. 

Hugh joined our Capturing our Coast project in 2016 and this is his blog. 

Episode One

The Wild Whoopers: A Species on the Brink

Whooping Cranes used to be widespread throughout North America, with estimates of their populations reaching as high as 10,000. But by 1941, just 15 individuals remained. What happened to these cranes? From habitat loss to hunting, Dr. Elizabeth Smith from the International Crane Foundation explains why they fell to such low numbers and what has been done to save them since. (The music in this episode is “Partly Sage” by Blue Dot Sessions, provided under the Attribution-Noncommercial License.)


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