Pine Needle Poetry
Pine Needle Poetry
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Pine Needle Poetry

Last night the glowing green lights were nowhere to be seen,

So I said some things that were a bit obscene,

But it’s alright cause we got to bed early,

Detrimental sleep, we needed it surely.

To most it was to bright sunlight they woke,

But for me it was Tate with a nice firm poke,

So we left our lairs,

And headed downstairs,

To eat and eat

Till we could barely leave our seats.

Off to the lab we went,

Now I’ve decided I’m giving up needles for lent,

We counted and counted till our fingers grew numb,

We counted a few more and then some.

Then it was time to say goodbye to good ol Steve,

I’m sure we all teared up as we watched him leave,

But still we raced into the tundra,

The ride was rough, not so fun brah.

Tree island eleven was okay,

But ten seemed bent on making us pay,

For poking holes in it’s back isn’t so nice,

But it’s got to be done if we want to help save the ice

We returned to home base,

Oh so red in the face,

And grabbed our cups of Jo,

And of course, Alex’s double packet mug of hot cocoa.

To needle counting we returned,

And we once again learned,

That Spruces are no fun at all,

100 count you start to go wacko, and all you can do is lawl.

We had to enter more data,

Which only amounts to sitting around and getting fatta,

It’s not the most exciting thing on earth

But it helps increase your brains girth.

Dinner we then ate,

Food stacked ten feet tall on our plates,

Then came dessert,

Which we ate till our bellies hurt.

For our lecture tonight, we learned about poo,

[EDITOR’S NOTE: the CNSC has composting toilets and we learned how they deal with the waste!]

Oh, and what the rest of the facilities do,

We then explored, what we thought,

About our experiences and all the things we’ve been taught,

At this place where lights shine so bright,

So we chatted and chatted till it was time to get cozy for the night.

Learn more about the expedition, Climate Change at the Arctic's Edge.

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