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What is the Earthwatch Australia Alumni?

The Earthwatch Australia Alumni (EAA) has been formed to keep the connections with people who have been associated with Earthwatch either as members of our expeditions, our scientists, volunteers, donors or people who are interested in our scientific research.

The Alumni will run a range of activities throughout the year to keep members informed about Earthwatch scientific research. This will be a point of connection for those who have been on one or many Earthwatch expeditions. It will be a community of like-minded people committed to finding science-based solutions to the threats that confront our planet. Earthwatch exists in order to support world-class field research with hands-on learning to create a sustainable future for our planet. None of this is possible without our people: our scientists, volunteers, researchers and donors.

Joining is free - just click here. Membership will mean you receive invitations to all our events which will be held around Australia and regular updates on all Earthwatch activities. View the Alumni calendar.

Divers on an Earthwatch expedition sight a manta ray


Citizen science allows scientists to observe more land, water, and species, to connect with the public in the vision behind the research, and to tap into an alternative means of funding. The data collected are used to build our understanding of how we are impacting our planet and to inform sound decision-making about the management of the world’s natural resources.

Citizen science enables volunteers to make a direct contribution to scientific research, discover an unfamiliar place, and learn about a specific environmental challenge. These opportunities provide inspirational, immersive experiences that challenge individuals and transform mindsets.

Ultimately, citizen science allows for more research to be accomplished globally and connects people in a worldwide environmental movement.


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    By becoming a member of the Earthwatch Australia Alumni you are showing your support for our work, and gaining access to exclusive events around the country. Our Alumni are drawn from all age groups, all around the country, from all of our many Earthwatch programs and supporters. As well as supporting Earthwatch, you get the opportunity to meet with other Alumni and learn about the research our scientists are carrying out, and the experiences that other Alumni have had on Earthwatch expeditions.

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