A message from Prof. David McInnes, CEO of Earthwatch Australia

One of Earthwatch Australia's most engaging and exciting programs is ClimateWatch. ClimateWatch enables every Australian to help shape our country's response to climate change through the monitoring of their local environment. Anyone can contribute to ClimateWatch by recording what they see - either online or using the free smartphone and tablet app. The program is not only fun but is scientifically validated, and the data collected is lodged with the Atlas of Living Australia, the national biodiversity database.

Through ClimateWatch we can inspire the younger generation using the technology of their era, while enhancing their environmental awareness. Educating young people about the world around them will promote understanding and the action necessary for environmental sustainability. Can you help us do this?

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Our children are worth it. The planet is worth it.

Get involved with ClimateWatch!

ClimateWatch has grown to over 13,000 registered users since 2009, with over 40 trails set up around the country. Nine universities around Australia are using ClimateWatch to teach biology. Help us establish ClimateWatch in secondary schools who want to engage their students with real scientific research.

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A great way to get involved with Earthwatch Australia is to join the Alumni. We have presentations around the country, special offers and alumni-only invitations to special events. We'll also keep you up to date with the latest news.