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Earthwatch events offer the opportunity to learn from top scientists about environmental issues that matter to the future of the planet, and how you can play a role in tackling them.



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    Go Into the Night during Earth Hour

    Sat 25th March
    A nearby open space (e.g. your garden, local park)

    Switch off your lights for Earth Hour and engage with nature at night, as part of our pilot citizen science project, Into the Night.

    Light pollution has increased by 24% in the UK between 1993 and 2000. We know that this has a significant impact on wildlife, but how does it affect us?

    Go Into the Night during Earth Hour

    Earthwatch Debate: The future of the planet – in whose hands?

    Royal Geographical Society, South Kensington, London

    Population growth, the over-exploitation of natural resources and climate change are literally costing us our Earth.

    Join host BBC News Science Editor David Shukman, and Green Party deputy leader Amelia Womack, on April 6th to decide who holds the future of the planet in their hands.

    Earthwatch Debate: The future of the planet – in whose hands?


    Hear directly from Earthwatch scientists at our series of fascinating lectures.

    Be entertained and challenged at our thought-provoking debates.

    Chat with Earthwatch staff and prior expedition volunteers about their experiences.