Come Tell Me How You Live: Exploring the Residences of Angkorian Khmers
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Come Tell Me How You Live: Exploring the Residences of Angkorian Khmers

The capital of the Angkorian empire, centered in the modern nation of Cambodia, was one of the largest preindustrial settlements in the world. What we call "Angkor" has been the focus of more than a century of historical and architectural research. Few scholars, however, have examined the lives of the people who built the temples, kept the shrines running, produced the food, and managed the water. Dr. Miriam Stark and Dr. Alison Carter will present on recent work by the Greater Angkor Project examining Angkorian habitation areas, specifically within the Angkor Wat temple enclosure. They will discuss their previous research at this site, and outline plans for the next phase of their research, which begins in May 2018 with the Earthwatch expedition Unearthing the Ancient Secrets of Angkor in Cambodia.
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